Beauty workshops

Workshops. Everything but work.

The world of workshops is very diverse and offers many fun beauty classes where you can choose the area of your interest, whether it be makeup or hair styling.

I really like teaching (and maybe even a little bossing around), that is what brought me to the conclusion that knowledge has no boundaries and that is why my heart led me to share my knowledge and experience with lucky you 🙂

Want to learn how to manage a proper beauty care routine for yourself? I’m here for you, to teach you all you need and want to know.

Personal beauty workshops

Personal Workshops

One on one. You and me.
The personal workshop will teach you about the world of beauty, where you can choose the area of interest that applies to you:

  • How do you take care of your skin?
  • Which products are right and healthy for you?
  • What makeup is right for your facial structure? (with emphasis on your personal taste)
  • How do you take care of your hair? (while providing tools for daily maintenance)

For a personal workshop, you can also bring your beauty products (makeup, lotions, etc.), and we will discuss how they should work correctly, accurately and in a healthy way, while learning how to be a wise consumer (and get more for your money!).

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Group beauty workshops

Group Workshops

Women, beauty, and makeup. Can it get more interesting?

More is more!

Your group can consist of your best of friends, work colleagues on a fun-day, bachelorette party, a Women’s Day activity, a birthday and more.

The purpose of the workshop is to create a fun, pleasant and experiential atmosphere, and of course to learn a proper beauty care routine for makeup and hair.

The workshop is divided into a lecture, demonstration, and personal questions. The amount of participants, their age, and their desire will determine the theme of the workshop. Here too the options are endless, but of course, I would be happy to advise on what is recommended.

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Beauty activities


Birthdays, corporate parties, and holidays make us want to celebrate (between us, you can always find a reason to celebrate) and here you can invite me and the Matilda team for your special activity.

We can create a booth that will fit any age and preference. You will share with me what you feel like doing and together we will decide on the best activity for you.

What are the options? Here they come:

  • Henna tattoo booth
  • Glitter tattoo booth
  • Face painting booth
  • Hair braiding booth

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Next step

What’s next?

Sign up for one of our workshops or book an activity for your event to make it beautiful and unforgettable. 😉