Prom makeup and hairstyling

THE Prom

So finally 12 years have passed (believe us it seems like a lot, but it’s only a fraction) and the real reason for sitting on your butt for 12 years is, drum rolls please: The PROM! 💃
Obviously, you want to be the most beautiful and glowing and most importantly, to steal the show. Da!

Prom Night ✨

Prom night is the first emotional and personal event in your adult life (and I’m wishing you many more of those), therefore it is very important to choose the right place and the right professionals to make you feel relaxed and of course, provide you with answers to all of your questions so you’ll look and feel just as you dreamed. 💖

So how does it work?

After we are set on the prom date, this is what is going to happen:


You will send me few pics of yourself on so I can get an impression of your facial structure and your hair type.


You will send me some pictures of hairstyles and makeup you liked (on or share an inspiration board on ).


We’ll talk about your wishes and your needs (if we can’t talk, we’ll voice text 😉) so I can understand who you are and provide you with the services that best suit your look.

Crown The Big Day (how exciting)!

On prom day, we will meet at the set time and place and start preparing your hair and makeup for the exciting night so that in the end, you will be the most beautiful, most glamorous and most special. 👸

Things you should know

Always remember that everything we do, we do because we think about you,
so you can look and feel absolutely amazing on prom night and the day after.

You are a star

You’re a star, obviously!

We know exactly how your makeup and hair are going to look through the camera lens. The photographs are your sweet memory and we will make sure that you will look amazing in still images and in video regardless of the weather and lighting conditions.

The magic

The magic does not end at midnight

We only use professional high quality products that are carefully selected and perfectly matched to your skin and hair type, ones that are healthy and provide high durability so you can look perfect the entire night of the prom. In addition, we only use hair extensions that are healthy for your hair.

Like, Da!

Like, Da!

We are committed to bringing you the most advanced and trendiest methods. We use the “Air Brush” method for maximum coverage and high resistance to tears, sweat, and water.

Eyes all over you

His eyes are going to be all over you

We apply false eyelashes by using a unique and exclusive method that creates natural, full and dense lashes.


Dance like everybody’s watching, we got your back!

We equip you with a “Touch-Up” kit that contains oil-absorbing sheets, lipstick and hair pins, so you stay beautiful throughout the prom and later on if you decide to join an after party (but don’t do what I wouldn’t).

You are the best

You’re the best!

We at Matilda focus on contemporary and trendy looks. We’ll advise you on the most cutting edge makeup and hairstyles (so that in 10 years you won’t be like: what was I thinking?!).

And a little tip from me:
If your prom date picks you up and opens the car door, he’s a keeper!

Prom carriage