Makeup and hairstyling for Men

Hey handsome. Good to see you here.

At Matilda we put focus on every detail, including explaining how to take care and preserve your youthful look and even wear makeup (yes, men do wear makeup).

More and more men are adopting a daily care routine that includes washing the face with soap, applying moisturizer and wearing light makeup for skin that looks younger, fresher and more uniform. So please feel completely at ease and seriously cool.

Why men wear makeup

Why do men wear makeup?

Men’s grooming is now an integral part of our social life, especially in situations such as: public speaking, TV appearances, events, ceremonies, lectures and being a groom.

So why should a man such as yourself wear makeup?

Stressful / exciting situations

It is important to remember that a man, being a man, does not want to look weak in situations, like when standing in front of a large audience. Most men under pressure experience hot flashes that create sweat, which is interpreted by our brains as a form of weakness. A man who wants to take care of this issue could choose to wear light makeup making the skin appear matte.

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TV Appearance

When making a TV appearance, the production set lighting emits bright lights that reveal facial imperfections we are not used to normally seeing. In addition, because TV is two-dimensional, we see even the smallest defects in our facial structure, imperfections that are easily concealed with makeup.

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Your wedding day is a very long day which includes many photographs (yes, you have to be photographed) in which pimples, scars, spots and dark circles under the eyes will be even more noticeable; especially if you’re standing next to your beautiful bride with her picture-perfect makeup and hair.

The purpose of applying a little makeup is not so you look made up, but to ensure you look and remain handsome in all pictures. Light makeup can and will create magic.

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A proper (and recommended) care routine

1 Facial cleansing

Wash your face twice a day, morning and night, with a facial wash to clean up dirt, dust, and air pollution.

It takes little effort and improves your skin remarkably (we recommend to inform your spouse that bathroom time is going to be extended).

2 Moisturizer

Apply a water-based moisturizer at least once a day (in the morning).

It will make the skin healthier and provide a younger appearance.

We recommend buying a water-based moisturizer with SPF 15 or more.

3 Facial treatment
Optional but highly recommended

If you suffer from problematic or oily skin, once in two to three months it is recommended to undergo an “invasive” treatment to remove blackheads and take care of acne before it leaves scars.

You can also remove facial hair that causes skin to look unaesthetic (on and inside your nose as well as your eyebrows).
Yes, we see everything 🙂

7 important things men should know before applying makeup
(we’ve already agreed that you’ll use makeup, so just go with it)

Avoid hair removal

Avoid hair removal two days before applying makeup

Why? Hair removal can cause redness and sensitivity in the treated area.

Avoid invasive treatments

Avoid having “invasive” treatments a week and a half before the event

Such treatments may leave the skin “wounded” and sensitive therefore it is not recommended to apply makeup.

Avoid excessive tanning

Avoid excessive tanning

Beyond the sun being dangerous and yes, it is dangerous, tanning means burning the skin which leaves redness and an irritation. Makeup does not respond well to irritated skin.

Avoid large consumptions of alcohol and caffeine

Avoid large consumptions of alcohol and caffeine about 24 hours prior to the event

Excessive consumption can cause dry skin and will make the makeup look unnatural. Seems impossible to you? Think of us pregnant and then multiply it by nine months.

Adopt a proper care routine

Try to adopt a proper care routine

If you don’t do this every day, make sure to do it the night before applying the makeup.

Sleep well the night before

Try to sleep well the night before

Sleep improves the look of skin, making it look more radiant and helps to eliminate bags under the eyes.

Shave on the day itself

It is recommended to shave on the day itself

Bristles interfere with proper makeup application.
Tip: Use a new blade so you don’t cause irritation and redness to the skin.

How to apply makeup as a men

How to apply makeup as a man?

It definitely takes way less time than it does a woman!

  1. Follow the “7 important steps men should know before applying makeup” written above.
  2. Apply facial moisturizer.
  3. Apply the makeup using one of the following methods:
    • Conventional, liquid makeup with light texture. Apply using makeup brush/sponge.
    • Air Brush, spray based, natural-looking, highly resistant to water and sweat.
  4. Apply the concealer using a finger/sponge under the eyes to hide dark spots and sores.
  5. Apply the anti-shine powder using a puff to fixate the makeup and create a matte look.
  6. Apply a product called bronzer using a brush (available as powder and liquid) which will give a three-dimensional and tanned look.
  7. Apply clear mascara using the provided brush to the eyelashes and eyebrows.
  8. Apply a colorless lip moisturizer.
  9. And that’s it! You are now handsome. 🤵
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