Bat Mitzvah makeup and hairstyling

So, Bat Mitzvah ha?
Wow. Exciting. You’re a big girl now. Completely cool.

A mother’s moment and then we’re back to being cool:
Your Bat Mitzvah is an event that represents you becoming a young woman, therefore it is very important to choose the right place and the right professionals that will make you feel relaxed and of course, that can give you the answers to all of your desires and dreams, so you will be the beautiful princess that you are. 👸

Things you should know

Looking perfect

Looking perfect throughout the Bat Mitzvah (so all the girls will be jealous and the boys will be like, wow)

We at Matilda use only professional quality products. The products are carefully selected and perfectly matched to your skin and hair type, which keeps you healthy and provides maximum durability.

Picture perfect

You’re perfect, Da!

We know exactly how your makeup and hair are going to look through the camera lens. The photographs are your sweet memory and we will make sure that you will look amazing in still images and in video regardless of the weather and lighting conditions.

Walking on air

Walking on air

We are committed to bringing you the most advanced and trendiest methods. We use the “Air Brush” method for maximum coverage, high resistance to tears, sweat, and water.

This method is suitable for Bat Mitzvah girls who choose to dance or perform causing them to sweat. In addition, the method is also perfect for skin that suffers from acne or pimples.

No bad hair days

Bad hair day? No way!

We only use professional high quality products that are carefully selected for your skin and hair type so you can look gorgeous on your Bat Mitzvah day and the day after.

Relaxed and amazing

Relaxed and sooo amazing

We equip you with a “Touch-Up” kit that contains the lip gloss that we choose together so you can stay beautiful the entire time.

Quiet on the set

Quiet on the Set! Now strike a pose!

We also offer hair and makeup services for your “Bat Mitzvah Book” to help capture your most perfect look for years to come. Isn’t it just the coolest memory?