About Us

Mati Reznik (Pardo), Matilda

“It’s fun doing things you love. Every morning I wake up with a smile because when you do something you love, you do it the best way possible.”

How it all began? Thanks for asking. 🙂

Ever since I can remember, I was drawn to the field of beauty. From a young age, I used to apply makeup to all my family members before parties and events.

At the age of 17, when my cousin got married, his fiancée asked me to do her hair and makeup, so in fact, she was my first bride (thanks Anat!).

Soon after I realized I wanted to continue in the field of beauty so I enrolled in a Professional Makeup course at the school of Yarin Shahaf.

And that was just the beginning…

During the Professional Makeup course, I specialized in bridal, evening, and fashion makeup. At the end of the course, I received an award for “Best in Course” and was offered a job by Yarin himself (which was very exciting).

While working at Yarin Shahaf, I continued to enrich my knowledge by taking additional courses:

  • Film, Stage and Theater (Show) Makeup Course
  • Master Makeup Course

After becoming a master in makeup, I set my next goal: to become a master hairstylist. So, I started a course in hair styling at the academy of Shuki Zikri. I’m very ambitious like that 🙂

Matilda: the beginning of a journey.

While working at Yarin Shahaf, I decided to take a bold step (for me of course) and start my own boutique for hair and makeup.

When I first started, I concentrated on clients for weddings and events; I wanted to give a comprehensive solution for women who want to feel and look beautiful.

In time, I acquired business clients by working with the media and press and participated in several catalog productions where I was the chief makeup artist and hairstylist.

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Some of my most exciting moments

The most exciting part is seeing a client looking in the mirror and smiling. I truly believe that when your job is making people happy, you’re happy.

As part of my continuous desire to enhance my professional knowledge, I started attending exhibitions abroad, the first one being a major industry event, Makeup Show Berlin.

During this time, I met an amazing woman, Galia Toren Chen, who introduced me to the L’Oréal group, which incorporates some of the largest international makeup and hair companies.

Working with these companies, I took part in professional training and product promotions while attending press conferences, meetings with bloggers and brand launches.

Matilda's customers

With Matilda’s growth, I started working with more large companies in the field of makeup and care.

After a while, I got an exciting call from Yarin Shahaf where he offered me a part in developing the Professional Hair Styling course for his school.

Together, with a winning team, we built a rich curriculum set to train the next generation of hair stylists.

Matilda's customers

Growing is fun

After a busy period, I decided it was time to share my gained professional knowledge with the general public and so I turned to my second passion – Lifestyle.

I was a guest on various lifestyle TV shows, where I presented the leading trends for the season and gave tips on how to implement them.

Albert Einstein once said:

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

That is exactly what I do, be where I can help people imagine and fulfill their potential
of being the best and most beautiful they can be.

Matilda's mission