Events makeup and hairstyling

What an Event(s)!

Some days are intended to be special and on days like these, you have to be as special as you are and then some. That is exactly why I’m here: to make any event memorable and unforgettable, that is, no one will forget how amazing you looked.

Feel calm, relaxed and beautiful

Welcome to the Family

The actual day of the event is an exciting day, but can also be stressful and busy and therefore it is very important to choose the right place and the right professionals that make you feel calm, relaxed and beautiful.

The knowledge and experience I have gained over the years enables me to give you the most devoted, personal and professional care that will put you at ease and make you feel amazing.

Events makeup and hairstyling consultation

Let’s get to know each other

If there are few of you, I recommend organizing a consultation meeting. We will sit over coffee (or tea) and talk about what you plan for your special day including time frames and whether you’d like to add accessories and hair extensions. I will advise each of you on what is best in terms of your hair types, facial features and skin conditions.

Makeup and hairstyling for events

The day of the event

I firmly believe that it’s not just about how you are going to look, but also about the memory of the day and the experience itself. I always come with at least one assistant so you’ll have a calm and pleasant experience.

My assistants will start preparing you for makeup and hair, in between we’ll gossip (of course) and I’ll finish by applying the final touches to your makeup and hair.

Events Gallery

Things you should know

Always remember that everything we do, we do because we think about you,
so you can look and feel absolutely amazing.

The best is here

The best is already here

We are committed to bringing you the most advanced and trendiest methods. We use the “Air Brush” method for maximum coverage with high resistance to tears, sweat, and water.
This method is also excellent for mature skin and gives a natural look without highlighting signs of aging such as pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

All about the eyes

It’s all about the eyes

We apply false eyelashes by using a unique and exclusive method that creates natural, full and dense lashes.

Good hair day, all the time

Good hair day, all the time

We only use professional high quality products that are carefully selected and perfectly matched to your skin and hair type, ones that are healthy and provide high durability so you can look perfect the entire event.
In addition, we only use hair extensions that are friendly for your hair.

Picture perfect

Just smile

We know exactly how your makeup and hair are going to look through the camera lens. The photographs are your sweet memory and we will make sure that you look amazing in still images and in video regardless of weather and lighting conditions.

At your side

At your side, all the way

We equip you with a “Touch-Up” kit that contains oil-absorbing sheets, lipstick and hair pins so you stay beautiful throughout the event.

The family law

The Family Law

We take care of one family a day in order to give you our full attention in a relaxed, peaceful and intimate atmosphere.

Reserve your date

So what’s left?

To reserve a date and make you and everyone you wish to invite on your journey as beautiful as possible.