Bridal makeup and hairstyling

It’s a Bridal thing

I imagine the tears of joy have already dried up after the big proposal and now you are free to take care of the most important aspect of your wedding: you 🙂

Professional makeup artist

First of all, congrats!

Something you probably might know, but just in case you didn’t… your wedding day is an exciting day and probably one of the most important days in your life, but it can also be super stressful and busy.

Therefore, it’s very important to choose the right place and the right professionals to make sure you feel calm and relaxed.

How do I know?

Over the past decade, I accompanied many excited (and quite emotional) brides on their wedding days and I make it my mission to provide the most professional, devoted and personal care for you and whomever you choose to accompany you on your wedding day.

Of course, the most important thing that allows me to provide you with the absolute best is my love and passion for everything I do and I do it with all of my ❤, for you.

Makeup and hairstyling trial

One, two, let’s give it a go

The purpose of the trial meeting is to prepare you with everything you’ll need to know for the big day so you can feel relaxed and ready with no surprises. I’ll explain how your day will be like from time frames to how you’re going to look (gorgeous, of course).

During the trial meeting, we will plan the makeup and hair as well as accessories and/or hair extensions you may want to add.

You’ll bring your own taste and I will add my knowledge and professionalism and together we will decide what is the best look for you, taking into consideration your hair type, facial features, skin condition and durability.

You can bring along a friend or even two, ones that you can count on and trust their personal tastes.

Makeup and hairstyling for weddings

Here comes the Bride

On the wedding day, we will meet at the place of your choice to get you ready for this special day in your life.

I firmly believe that not only the result is important, but also the memory of the day and the experience itself. Therefore, I always come with at least one assistant so we won’t be pressured for time, making this day relaxed and pleasant.

We will begin with a beauty treatment facial mask, creams, ampoules and other elements which will prepare the skin and make it look radiant, glowing and ready for the makeup. Get ready to be pampered!

While I’m getting you ready, my assistants will work on your friends, so everybody will be ready on time.

After I finish making you look stunning, and while you get yourself ready for the groom to see you for the first time as a bride (all of course documented by the photographers), I will put the final touch ups on your friends and together you’ll continue to the photoshoot.

Bridal Gallery

If you wish to switch up the look of your makeup and/or hair during the wedding, I’d be happy to come to the wedding and fulfill all of your wishes.

Things you should know

Always remember that everything we do, we do because we think about you,
so you can look and feel absolutely amazing.

You are the most important

You are the most important person in the whole wide world

We at Matilda are committed to helping one bride a day in order to give you and your friends full attention so you can enjoy a relaxed, peaceful and intimate atmosphere.

The best for you

Only the best for you

We only use professional high-quality products that are carefully selected and perfectly matched to your skin and hair type, ones that are healthy and provide high durability so you can look perfect the entire wedding. In addition, we only use hair extensions that are healthy for your hair.

Walk on air

Walk on air

We are committed to bringing you the most advanced and trendiest methods. We use the “Air Brush” method for maximum coverage with high resistance to tears, sweat, and water. This method is especially excellent for daylight weddings.

All eyes on you

All eyes on you

We apply false eyelashes by using a unique and exclusive method that gives you natural, full and dense lashes.

Picture perfect

The camera is going to love you soooo much!

We know exactly how your makeup and hair are going to look through the camera lens. The photographs are your sweet memory and we’ll make sure that you look amazing in still images and video regardless of the weather and lighting conditions.

At your side

At your side, all the way

We equip you and your friends with “Touch-Up” kits that contain oil-absorbing sheets, lipstick and hair pins so you’ll stay beautiful throughout the wedding.

Reserve your date

So what do we have left?

Reserve your personal date so we can start our magical journey together where ultimately, I will make you look and feel your most beautiful, most glamorous and most special.

Oh, and your man will also see you exactly like that 🙂