Fashion makeup and hairstyling

Fashion. First.

So here I can do almost everything I want. The world of fashion is a world full of imagination and daring. This is a constantly changing world in which I am able to think outside the box and girl, it is so much fun!

If you love fashion magazines as much as I do, you probably see and know that what is in today is totally passé tomorrow, therefore you have to constantly feel the pulse, or rather the brush and shadow.

In this world I’m going to enjoy showing you the newest trends from international fashion capitals, expose you to the creativity, the color, and the black and white that we love so much.

So welcome to a world where everything is possible. A world in which there are no rules and no limits, only your imagination… and of course, me. 😉

Fashion Productions


Productions produced by Matilda so you can get inspired and get ideas for events and your everyday look.

Productions from various fields such as: the animal world, textile, VIPs, politics, economics and more. All these affect the trends and forecasts in the field of beauty, bridal, events and fashion. Here I’ll only share with you the best, so just sit back, look and enjoy 🙂

Beauty Gallery

TV / Press

Catalogs, magazines and television productions Matilda participates in.

In Matilda, we place emphasis on professionalism, so that in each photo, the hair and makeup are adjusted to the facial structure, the character and the theme of the article to which they are being photographed.

We know exactly how makeup and hair are going to look best on camera and under the changing lights, so all you need to do is sit back, watch and enjoy 🙂

TV / Press Gallery

Our Customers

Matilda is an integral part in the worlds of press and television, providing professional services as a makeup artist and hairstylist for films and programs on leading TV channels.

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